Elon Musk Says Bringing His Companies under One Roof Is a ‘Good Idea’

What do brain implants, space rockets, and electric cars and trucks share?

Elon Musk, Tesla’s billionaire chief executive, stated he’s open to the possibility of joining his various services under one umbrella, similar to Google’s corporate shakeup 5 years ago.

“Good idea,” Musk tweeted after being pitched the concept by David Lee, a Tesla financier, and YouTuber. On Twitter Wednesday, Lee recommended Musk established a holding company called “X” that would be the mom and dad company of Tesla, rocket builder SpaceX, tunneling attire The Boring Company, and brain-implant startup Neuralink.

It’s unclear whether Musk is seriously considering the move or simply humoring among his 41 million Twitter fans, as he often does.

Regardless, there is a notable precedent– Google formed a brand-new parent company called Alphabet in 2015 to house it is signature online search engine and internet services operation alongside its other various companies, such as self-driving vehicle system Waymo and expert system company DeepMind.

There is a great deal of lingering questions about how Musk would carry out a comparable restructuring, such as whether the X business would be openly traded like Tesla or privately held like SpaceX, The Boring Business, and Neuralink.

However, Lee contends the move would make it simpler for the world’s second-richest male to supervise his existing endeavors and start brand-new ones. Plus, he kept in mind, Musk already owns the domain for X.com, an online bank he established in 1999.

“This is not a move focused on increasing market cap or stock cost,” Lee stated on Twitter. “Rather, this is a relocation focused on developing the structure for Elon to be able to continue to make big bets for mankind, and have the time to manage them.”

Tesla did not instantly react to any ask for remark Thursday. The electric vehicle maker’s stock rate was up about 2.7 percent at $663.61 since 11:45 a.m.

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